Master Accounting Software

A Robust & Stable Accounting Software That Integrates Well With Your Business.

It is 100% Compliant With All Accounting Practices and GST Guideline. The Accounting Software Comes With Training & Support Service Too.

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Goods and Service Tax (GST) Approved Accounting Software


Master Accounting Software is founded and designed by certified accounting professionals. It complies with all accounting practices and the latest GST guideline. This software has been in the market for more than 10 years and is trusted by thousands of companies.

Our accounting software is trusted by the Malaysian customs and it is on the approved vendor list. You no longer need to worry that whether our GST Software is comply to latest GST guideline from Malaysian Customs or not. We always get the first hand update before you do.

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One Accounting Software License For Multiple Businesses You Own

If you’re running multiple businesses and require the need to keep separate account book entry, this is the only software you need. The accounting software is optimised to handle huge amounts of transactions and multiple users login to perform transaction, bookkeeping task simultaneously.

Whether you’re a business owner, accounting/finance executive or an accounting firm, the software is ready to accommodate your business operations and be your good buddy.

Moreover, the software is very GST friendly, submit GST make easy with Master Accounting Software.

Accounting Software That Comes With After Sales Support & Training Service

Implementing a new system can be quite a headache!

Anything from installing the accounting system, setting up the server and troubleshooting your technical problems, we have got you covered.

We work with you on the setting up and implementation stage. Our trainers will you through the system starts from importing Master Data, setting up require fields to enable fast entries, daily transactions, report generation etc.

Basic package are inclusive of On Site Training, Online Video Training and Email Helpdesk Support. 

If you need a customised training for your staffs, we’re happy to provide it for an extra charges.


Flexible Accounting Software Features That Designed To Suit Multiple Businesses Nature

Whether you’re in a manufacturing industries, accounting firm, used car dealer, car service center or trading industry; we got you covered with a customised module in our software to fit in your business nature.


Point-Of-Sales (POS)

User friendly front end transaction system for retail businesses. Now, it can seamlessly integrate with the back end accounting software. No more hassle to keying in your transactions manually.

Manufacturing Module

Additional module that provides control over your manufacturing process. If you’re familiar with Bill Of Materials (BOM), Job order, or stock assembly, then this is the module you will need.

Inventory Control

Automatic stock control system for traders and manufacturer to have live data about the stock holding in different locations. It supports item specific code, stock serial number, and stock bundles selling.

Margin Scheme

Specially designed for a GST Margin Scheme registered company (normally Used Car Dealer), where your GST are compute and charged base on the “margin”  (difference between the purchase price and selling price), instead of entire selling price.

Motor Workshop

It is designed for Car Service Centre Or Motor Repair Workshops. It tracks your spare parts movement, stock location, suppliers/customers data & the details of the car plate service history, mileage and billing your customers directly from the accounting software.

HR & Payroll System

Now, HR and finance are finally on the same page. One simple click, your working hours, night shifts, Overtime (OT), and EPF etc. is ready in the accounting system. Skip the tedious manual data entry work and let your accountant go home earlier.

More Software Features That Make Your Business Run Better


  • Automate your accounting entry
  • No month-end and year-end closing routine necessary
  • Highly customisable to fit into your company’s practice
  • Up-to-date Malaysia GST features
  • Simple & fast data entry
  • High speed database & online ready
  • Built-in automatic backup system & strong data protection
  • Complete user manual in digital version for easy searching
  • and more functions!

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Master Account Software Pricing

Honest Software Pricing with Support Service For Every Type Of Business.

You Only Pay For The Features That You Want, No Hidden Fee Or Evil Charges

Basic Accounting Function + Extra Software Function For Specific Industry + Number Of Users = What You Pay

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